Get Android 2.2 Froyo on Your Galaxy S (Tutorial and Demo)

30 September, 201030 September, 2010 Samsung Samsung
Galaxy S running latest Froyo

We all that the updates to Android 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Galaxy S users has been delayed to October on Europe and in USA it has been delayed to November... So if you want to Get or Test the latest Froyo ROM update for Galaxy S with Many New Features and Very Stable too you can follow the tutorial below and Download and Install Latest Froyo ROM JP3 ROM in very simple instructions.

Info and Bugs

New Features
  1. Colored icons in settings menu
  2. Different toggles in notification bar
  3. Android market downloads work for me at home on Wi-Fi and they didn't before
  4. When you plug in your USB cable it shows a screen with a button to allow you to mount and unmount your SD card. This doesn't work at the moment.
  5. There are recent, contacts and group buttons under the To: field in a new text message
  6. Ability to Sync gmail contact groups with the phone
  7. Android 2.2 Froyo Features (Flash 10.1, New Menu... etc)

  1. SD card cannot be mounted from phone. You need to remove it to transfer things from your computer.
  2. Sometime lagging on some applications or launchers.
  3. Force closings from some system processes.

Froyo Performance on Galaxy S

Galaxy S Froyo


I9000XXJP3 - ANDROID 2.2 Froyo ROM - 2010


This process is not necessarily safe and is done at your own risk. These builds are rather stable, but they do have a few bugs. You should follow the instructions for i9000XXJP3 carefully.

1. Please ensure that the phone can connect to the computer.

2. Unplug the phone, remove the SD card, Sim, Battery.

3. Reinstall the battery to the phone.

4. Press Volume - Home Key and Power on buttons all at the same time until the phone comes on in download mode.

5. Start Odin I9000 V3

6. Plug up the USB cable to the phone.

7. Allow the phone to connect to ODIN ( takes a few seconds)

8. Get The Galaxy (.PIT) file for Odin boot files and - Select the (.PIT) file you got.

9. Select the files you want to flash. (It is not recommended to flash boot files unless you are a technician)

10. Allow the flash to complete 100% and do not unplug the phone until the counter stops!
[Source : Samsung Flash Frimwares]


After Installing

ROM Test

You can See a Demo Video Below of a successive installation of this ROM

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