Bug warning: newline in label text breaks projects Options

.Hi All, 
We recently discovered a bug in App Inventor where putting a newline in the
text of a Label breaks the project that the Label is in such that it is
unable to load in the future. We will fix this bug ASAP. In the meantime, if
you have a project that is failing to load you might be able to fix the
project yourself if you have an editor that can edit files in a zip file
(e.g., emacs). If you don't know how to follow these directions (or find
someone who can help you) and you desperately need access to your project
before we get it fixed on the server, send me the project source zip file
and I'll fix it for you. 
Here's how to do it yourself: 
1. Download the source zip file for the project from App Inventor. You can't
open the project in App Inventor if it is broken in this way, but you can
still download the source. 
2. Open the source zip file in emacs or some other editor that can edit the
contents of zip files in place. 
3. Open the "Screen1.blk" file in the zip file. 
4. For each label that contains newlines there are two places where you need
to fix the text of the label. Suppose in this example that your label is
named Label4. 
 First, find the line that looks like 
"$Define Label4 $As Label $Version 1" 
A few lines below this there will be a line that looks like 
Text = "Text of Label
with newline inside the double quotes" 
Remove any newlines in the label text so that the entire label text is on
one line. 
Second, find the label name in the last section of the Screen1.blk file
following the "$JSON" line. Find the bad label text and remove any "\n"
(newlines) from the text. 
5. Save the Screen1.blk file. 
6.Upload the modified source zip file into App Inventor. If you managed to
remove all the newlines from the labels then it should load properly into
the designer. 

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