save photoshop history in to file

Choose Edit > Preferences > General (Windows) or Photoshop > Preferences > General (Mac OS).
    Click the History Log preference to toggle from on to off or vice versa.
    For the Save Log Items To option, choose one of the following:


        Saves the history log as metadata embedded in each file.
    Text File 

        Exports the history log to a text file. You are prompted to name the text file and choose a location in which to store it.

        Stores metadata in the file and creates a text file.

You may need to keep careful track of what’s been done to a file in Photoshop, either for your own records, client records, or legal purposes. The Edit History Log helps you keep a textual history of changes made to an image. You can view the Edit History Log metadata using Adobe Bridge or the File Info dialog box.

You can choose to export the text to an external log file, or you can store the information in the metadata of edited files. Storing many editing operations as file metadata increases file size; such files may take longer than usual to open and save.

If you need to prove that the log file hasn’t been tampered with, keep the edit log in the file’s metadata, and then use Adobe Acrobat to digitally sign the log file.

By default, history log data about each session is saved as metadata embedded in the image file. You can specify where the history log data is saved and the level of detail contained in the history log.

        Note: If you want to save the text file in a different location or save another text file, click the Choose button, specify where to save the text file, name the file if necessary, and click Save.

    From the Edit Log Items menu, choose one of the following options:

    Sessions Only 

        Keeps a record of each time your start or quit Photoshop and each time you open and close files (each image’s filename is included). Does not include any information about edits made to the file.

        Includes the text that appears in the History panel in addition to the Sessions information.

        Includes the text that appears in the Actions panel in addition to the Concise information. If you need a complete history of all changes made to files, choose Detailed.

       ref adobe

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