Tips :Speed up your Windows 7 for better performance , make it faster

To faster boot your computer this tip can faster your computer startup 4 - 120 sec.

                Try to uncheck unused program. The uncheck program and service will not auto run on windows start up which is speed up your computer.

Track you Boot Time :Soluto
                Go to Boot Camp
                                Delay program will open program after boot
                                Pause program is no to open program

Using msconfig microsoft Official tools

1.Speed Up Windows 7 Boot Time By Eliminating GUI During Start Up

First go to start > type “msconfig”

Go to "Boot" Tab

2.Using all your cpu cores and memory to process in the booting.

First go to start > type “msconfig”

Go to "Boot/Advance Options" Tab

Don't Select All you processor Core and select maximum memory

3.Close unusual Service

First go to start > type “msconfig”

Go to "Boot/Service" Tab

I suggest unselect only Service from non Microsoft product.

4.Close unusual Program

First go to start > type “msconfig”

Go to "Boot/Service" Tab

I suggest unselect only Service from non Microsoft product.

1.  Click Start in the Search box type regedit

go to

 New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value
name : DesktopLivePreviewHoverTime
value = 0

 New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value
value = 1

 New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value
value = 1

Then Close regedit

You can fill faster respond.

1. Optimizer /System Speed
·         System
o   Turn off Search index
o   Disable windows 7 Zip and Compress Folder
o   * Enable AHCI
·         Ram
o   More than 1GB
o   To increase L2 cache in windows … I’ll Study about this later
·         Startup
o   Disable auto detection ide drive
o   Disable updating Group Policy
o   Disable logging on system crash
o   Turn off windows startup sound
o   Cancel scanning disk during start up
2. Cleaner
·         Smart Uninstaller             Help uninstall but Program Your Uninstaller should be better except  to uninstall windows component
·         Junk File Cleaner              Carefully delete file
·         Duplicate file                      Usually use with music picture
·         Reg Cleaner                        Check only invalid … should be safe
·         Reg Defrag                          its ok.
3. Customize
·         Customize System
o   System
§  I like to change window border width to 0
o   Explorer
§  Disable thumbnail n network folder
§  Show hidden file
§  Show file extension
§  Turn off internet file association service
§  Enable address bar auto complete mode
o   Start Menu
§  Remove
·         User name
·         Document
·         Games
·         Favorite
·         Default program
·         Help
§  Menu show speed –fast
§  Number of recent program =22
§  Show small icon
o   Task bar
§  Display delay time 0 ms
§  Bg window active wait 0ms
o   Notification
§  Change aero peek mouse hover delay =0ms
·         System
o   Adjust auto play  take no action to all.
This options will protect malware from removable device except you open it your self.
·         System component
o   Disable
§  Windows defender
§  Windows media center
§  Problem steps recorder
§  Built-in CD&DVD burning
§  Windows7 sidebar
o   Turn windows features on or off
§  Games
§  Indexing service
§  Media feature
·         DVD maker
·         Media center
·         Media player //because I use music Bee
§  Tablet PC Component
§  Telnet Client&server
§  Gadget Platform
§  TIFF IFilter
§  XPS Service
o   Update
§  Disable auto update
§  Disable error report service
§  Disable windows error report
§  Disable ie error reporting
o   File & Folder
§  Move important folder ex. My music ,desktop,my picture to another drive.

Using Windows Service manager
Press windows+R to open run then type services then
Decide to delay or manual or disable service.

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