Tip : Fix google Chrome Lag Slow when play game

To fix google chrome lag when play game ex. Sim Social facebook games
 flash games or graphic problems.

Type about:flags in the address bar then press Enter

This will access the experimental zone.
Some experiment can cause harm to your computer. 

There's many feature to improve your google chrome performance.

Here is to improve Graphic Render.

GPU compositing on all pages
Uses GPU accelerated compositing on all pages, not just those that include GPU-accelerated layers.

GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D

Enables higher performance of canvas tags with a 2D context by rendering using Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) hardware.

 Preload Instant Search
Preload the default search engine for Instant.

Run PPAPI Flash in the renderer process
If the PPAPI version of Flash is in use, run it in each renderer process rather than in a dedicated plugin process.

Also Disable unusual extension or Apps 

Update Adobe Flash Get Adobe Flash Player

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