Hack bow weapon android defender droidhen

go to  /dbdata/databases/com.droidhen.defender/shared_prefs
Before edit use Titaniumbackup this game.
Because if you done something wrong sometimes the game will reset your profile
to lv1.
After using root explorer and o to  /dbdata/databases/com.droidhen.defender/shared_prefs
Open this file save0.xml then copy this may be some of this
If you want final weapon is have an idea.May be not good but its work for me.
The idea is to change lv to 1 and play along to 200 without using magicstone to upgrade any other stuff.
Click here to see how to hack LV.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<int name="magicStone" value="7" />
<int name="equipMagic3" value="0" />
<int name="equipMagic2" value="0" />
<int name="equipMagic1" value="2" />
<int name="agilityLevel" value="100" />
<int name="stage" value="194" />
<int name="multiArrowLevel" value="10" />
<int name="bowLock9" value="1" />
<int name="strengthLevel" value="150" />
<int name="bowLock5" value="1" />
<int name="bowLock6" value="1" />
<int name="bowLock8" value="1" />
<int name="lightLevel1" value="9" />
<int name="fatalBlowLevel" value="9" />
<int name="gold" value="34575" />
<int name="fireLevel3" value="5" />
<int name="fireLevel2" value="4" />
<int name="singleRetry" value="0" />
<int name="fireLevel1" value="3" />
<int name="equipBow" value="9" />
<string name="magicStonecheckValue">d662699c73df680f6d210111783a87e7</string>
<int name="bowLock4" value="1" />
<int name="bowLock3" value="1" />
<int name="bowLock2" value="1" />
<int name="powerShotLevel" value="6" />
<int name="bowLock1" value="1" />
<int name="iceLevel2" value="4" />
<int name="wallLevel" value="9" />
<int name="iceLevel1" value="9" />
<string name="goldcheckValue">27de9371450807fe601ce42aa55ed054</string>
<int name="guardLevel" value="9" />
<int name="totalRetry" value="1" />
<int name="hardMode" value="1" />

As you see you can cheat value ex. skill lv ,game mode but it's quite hard to change
money or magic stone because you have to using md5 to encrypt the value.
After change the value don't forget to delete backup file
may be this cannot call hack because it's just changing value.
If you don't understand or have any question you can post any question by comment down here.I'll answer as soon as possible.
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