Tips : Hack and Cheat GOLD MagicStone android defender droidhen

go to  /dbdata/databases/com.droidhen.defender/shared_prefs
Before edit use Titaniumbackup this game.
Because if you done something wrong sometimes the game will reset your profile
to lv1.
After using root explorer and o to  /dbdata/databases/com.droidhen.defender/shared_prefs

To change gold or stone value you must do an md5 on the value+checkChar at the end.

For the above example :


Do md5 on : 34575checkChar = 27de9371450807fe601ce42aa55ed054

if you'd want 900k of gold it would be : 900000checkChar =62cfc4550a43649620d29a03b73bbdbb

The above will become :


as same as the magic stone

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