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Google Sites Challenge

What is the Google Sites Challenge about?
We are thrilled to announce the Google Sites Challenge to encourage students to learn about the benefits of using Google Sites in managing club information and activities by providing students with a hands on challenge!

Why Google Sites?
We know the difficulties in collaboration, managing club information and of course having a secure platform. Well, Google Sites is here to save the day!

Here are some of the features of Google Sites that are extremely helpful to student organizations:
- Single-click page creation
- No HTML required
- Make it your own
- Get started with templates
- Upload files and attachments
- Embed rich content
- Work together and share
- Search with Google

Overview of Google Sites

Who is eligible to take part in the Google Sites Challenge?
All student organizations/clubs recognized by your university! Land your creativities and originalities in Google Sites by 15 January 2013. Your club might stand a chance to walk
away with USD 500 wort…

How to keep old eclipse settings before upgrade to juno(Eclipse lastest version)

1. Export>Gerneral>Preferences  This will also keep perspective preferences.
2. Added new sites to my "Available Software Sites" (help -> install new software -> Available Software Sites)
Download CDT
and updated (help -> install updates).
After the update had been added had been disabled had been disabled
Eclipse Project Timeline

What's new in Juno()

Global search bar
Simpler UI
More flexible part layout
Multi-drag sash
Open Resource dialog supports Show In
Delete project dialog shows project location
Editor area tab navigation
Lightweight refresh enabled by default
Use saturated colors in overview ruler
Filters in CVS Sync View
Global debug toolbar
Breakpoint view sorting

More about Eclipse Juno (What's new)


Learn touch typing to type faster

I have read Competitive programming 2 for ACM-ICPC Contest.
They said not only think fast but also type fast too.
So I have google about touch typing until found this amazing program.

This online program will assist you with learning and improving your typing speed!

how does it work?
Practice each lesson over and over to at least get all three stars. It really doesn't take much to learn, a few minutes a day for one to two weeks and you will be a pro!

Using this program, your typing speed will reach 10 to 12 words per minute rather quickly. From there practice on your normal typing activities to increase your speed to 40 - 90 Word per minute.

is it really free?
Yes. TypingClub is (and will always be) 100% free, ad free, spam free, etc. If you enjoyed it, please blog, tweet or otherwise link to TypingClub.

do i need an account?
You do not need to create an account. However, as you go through the lessons, you will get prompted to create an optional profile in order to save your progres…

Recover access to Ubuntu after Install Windows 8 , 7

Using the Ubuntu CD or mount it in USBSTICK
The graphical way
Insert your Ubuntu CD, reboot your computer and set it to boot from CD in the BIOS and boot into a live session. You can also use a LiveUSB if you have created one in the past.Install and run Boot-Repair install Boot-Repair in Ubuntu- boot your computer on a Ubuntu live-CD or live-USB. - choose "Try Ubuntu" - connect internet - open a new Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T), then type: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update- Press Enter. - Then type: sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair- Press Enter
Click "Recommended Repair".

Introduction to Go,Weiqi,Baduk Board Game

A game that very simple and easy to learn
But very hard to be master.

Weiqi was developed in China more than 2500 yrs. ago

Spread to Korea(Baduk) and Japan(Go), in about the 5th and 7th centuries CE respectively, boards with a 19×19 grid had become standard.

As of mid-2008 there were well over 40 million Go players worldwide, the overwhelming majority living in East Asia.As of May 2012, the International Go Federation has a total of 74 member countries and four Association Members covering multiple countries.

Einstein with Go Professional
In 1996, NASA astronaut Daniel Barry and Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata became the first people to play Go in space


Go is an adversarial game with the objective of surrounding more territory than one's opponent. As the game progresses, the board gets divided up into areas of territory, as outlined by groups of stones. These areas are then contested in local battles, which are often complicated, and may result in the expansion, reductio…

How to Maximize the Life of Your SSD Drive

All SSDs have a limited number of writes before they wear out.But that doesn't mean you can't make a few adjustments to maximize the life of your SSD.

TRIM  TRIM is a "command allows an operating system to inform a solid-state drive (SSD) which blocks of data are no longer considered in use and can be wiped internally." In general, TRIM is the first line of defense in keeping your SSD alive.
How do I know if my SSD supports TRIM? Download this CrystalDiskInfo

For Windows 7
Open the Command Prompt then type fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify. If this results in "DisableDeleteNotify = 0", that means that the OS is using TRIM and thus is treated as an SSD.

Windows isn't using TRIM You should take a look at the properties of the SSD in the Device Manager.
You may need to update the drivers of your disk controller in order for the OS to become aware of your SSD.
Right-click your hard drive in Device Manager and select Update Drive Software.

Disable or mo…

Nokia BH-503 connect Bluetooth to Windows7

Listen to music from your computer(Windows7)

Then Extract

Open Device Manager >Update device>Update manually choose folder that you extract.

Right Click on Volume icon on taskbar select Playback Device
Set Nokia BH-503 as default device.

MySQL set null value to zero

The function 'COALESCE' can simplify working with null values.
For Example, to treat null as zero, you can use:
select COALESCE(colname,0) from table where
COALESCE(colname,0) > 1;

in a date field, i used:
to treat NULL as the current date.



Strange Thai poem

บทละคร เรื่อง

ไปสู่ปราสาทท้าวโปลา ฯ ๖ คำ ฯ เพลงช้า
เที่ยวมะไลไปเป่าพนาวัน ฯ ๔ คำ ฯ
ก็จำให้ลูกยามะลาปอง ฯ ๖ คำ ณ
ให้ผู้ม้าปาป๋องกะงึงกึง ฯ ๒ คำ ฯ
ว่าแล้วชวนกันมะแลงแตง ฯ ๔ …

Google Student Ambassador Summit @ Singapore 2012

In February, I have seen Google's advertisement about Google Student Ambassador Program.It was a very interesting for me. So I try to registered.About two month after the registration I was called to come to their interview via Google hangout.
The Google Campus Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to represent Google on your campus. Google Ambassadors have some structure and a lot of freedom to figure out the best ways for Google to get involved in their universities.

Google let every Student Ambassador live at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore during the summit.
Every day will have a lecture about Google product,Marketing etc.

This is the Chrome book start up very fast!
After the lecture In the Google Singapore.

Travel on day 2.

Having Dinner @ MEDZS restaurant MEDZS restaurant, located at Orchard Central’s basement 2, is the first food and beverage (“F&B”) outlet in Singapore to serve up various Mediterranean fare – such as Spanish, Moroccan, French, Turkish and …