Tips : Hack and Cheat Fish Predator without using GameCIH

Unlimited  growup   absorb  rainbow 
WARNING Before edit use Titaniumbackup to backup this game.
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Rooted Android 
Root Browser Download
Fish Predator Download
Titanium Backup(Optional for safety) Download

Open Root Browser
then go in to

I suggest you to copy this file to

This is my example Cheat code 
Feel free to ask me.I'll answer as soon as possible !

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<int name="BowlShopFishTarget" value="0" />
<int name="shellnum" value="50" />
<int name="fish15" value="34" />
<string name="fishBowlGrayUnlock">111001100010100111111100001100</string>
<int name="fish14" value="96" />
<boolean name="sound_enabled" value="true" />
<int name="fish13" value="341" />
<int name="fish12" value="411" />
<string name="fishBowlUnlock">222002200020000202000000000000</string>
<int name="fish11" value="688" />
<int name="score" value="4629" />
<boolean name="showhelp" value="false" />
<string name="Md5UnlockLevel3">723461b6ef854b321666c6fd8582b0f6</string>
<string name="Md5UnlockLevel2">723461b6ef854b321666c6fd8582b0f6</string>
<int name="helpSleepfish" value="2" />
<string name="Md5UnlockLevel0">6f1a3b2bfab189f1a9ad1b7080894de7</string>
<string name="Md5Coin">effbea6292b1dcdcceaa10c4003a818b</string>
<string name="Md5UnlockLevel1">6f1a3b2bfab189f1a9ad1b7080894de7</string>
<int name="life" value="0" />
<int name="growup" value="2999957" />
<string name="fishUnlock">1001</string>
<string name="levelTask">111111111111111110011111101011001011011101111011100001011111011001001100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000</string>
<boolean name="isFirstTimeStartGame" value="false" />
<int name="nemo type index" value="3" />
<int name="unlockLevel0" value="12" />
<int name="unlockLevel1" value="12" />
<int name="unlockLevel2" value="1" />
<int name="unlockLevel3" value="1" />
<boolean name="audio" value="true" />
<int name="fish01" value="474" />
<int name="fish21" value="140" />
<int name="fish02" value="573" />
<int name="fish22" value="279" />
<int name="fish23" value="258" />
<int name="fish24" value="121" />
<int name="selectmap" value="1" />
<int name="fish25" value="62" />
<string name="Md5UnlockFishbowl">3f43b7e23a9e83d50665e69d2c3a02ff</string>
<string name="Md5UnlockMap">723461b6ef854b321666c6fd8582b0f6</string>
<int name="settingc" value="1" />
<int name="absorb" value="3998805" />
<boolean name="helpLife" value="false" />
<int name="m_version" value="628" />
<boolean name="m_flag_new" value="true" />
<boolean name="helpCombo" value="false" />
<int name="rainbow" value="2969797" />

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