Update Notifies you if your Google Docs change

Notifies you if your Google Docs change
If you have shared some documents with others on Google Docs, before you had to go check whether anyone's modified them. This Chrome extension will list your shared documents that were updated since the last time you have viewed them.

**** Important ****
If you have any problem, please submit them at http://getsatisfaction.com/watchdoc so I can fix them! That is much more helpful than posting a review here just to tell me that there's a problem.

Can also send comments, suggestions on that side.
It is open source software, see http://imrehg.github.com/WatchDoc/ for more details.

**** Known Issues ****
1) If you have problem logging in, check whether your system time and time zone is set correctly.

2) The little counter on the extension icon represents the number of changes, since you checked the list, not the number of changed documents. So if only one of your document  has changes, but 10 updates since last check, the counter will read 10, not 1. This behaviour might change in the future, at the moment for me it expresses well how busy my shared docs are.

3) Google Docs is sometimes slow to update the "edited" and "last visited" timestamps, so some documents might still appear or not yet appear in the list as expected. Should catch up normally in a few minutes.

**** Tip ****
When using the Offline Google Mail app with "Running Chrome in the background" and has the desktop notification enabled in WatchDoc, you can receive your document change updates even when Chrome is not running!


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