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Install an APK file in the Android emulator

using cmd

type adb install <yours_apps.apk>

ex. adb install Jorgesys.apk

If cmd don't found adb command.

Go to
My com/properties/advance system setting/advanced/enviranment variable/ user variable /PATH/edit

(Where you place android sdk.)

for old version

Android avd sdk path problems

Windows XP / 7Right click on the My Computer icon and select the properties tab.Select the Advanced tab and click the Environment Variables button.In the new dialog box dowble-click on Path (located under System Variables) and type in the full path location to the tools directory.
Android AVD path Add a new user environment variable (Windows 7): Start Menu > Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings (on the left) > Environment Variables
Add a new user variable (at the top) that points your home user directory: Variable name: ANDROID_SDK_HOME
Variable value: C:\Users\>User Name< Android Eclipse Plugin (ADT) Start Eclipse, then select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install….In the dialog that appears, select Search for new features to install and press Next.Press New Remote Site.In the resulting dialog box, enter a name for the remote site (e.g. Android Plugin) and enter this as its URL: OK.You should now see t…

SSD for dell vostro 3450 upgrade

IN Draft

Harddisk SSD
there 're many brands such as
as I has search the internet and also ask the expert.
I recommend Vertex 4
which is best performance

The recommend size is 64 GB or 128 GB
64GB for one OS.
Just for OS(Windows7,Mac OSX,Ubuntu)
and some important program such as 
1.Photoshop CS6 
2.Dreamweaver CS6
4.MS Office

more than 128 GB I think it's too expensive.

Replace a laptop's CD/DVD optical drive with a Hard Drive

This is Link about SSD from OverClockZone community
langauge in [THAI]

Important Info

Dell vostro 3450 + Vertex4

Market [ENG]

If you have any suggestion feel free to ask.

Defender 2 Strategy Guide

Defender 2 Strategy GuideEnemies There are only 4 types of common enemies in the game. Each has his unique characteristics and requires different handling.
The first one has an normal speed, only as melee attacks and is easily killed. The second is the fastest monster, but weak. Shoot them in advance or they will get to your wall very fast. The spiked monster has a hard skin which proves difficult to penetrate. They are the slowest but once they reach the wall it’s bad. The fourth type is the only one with range attacks. It will only approach about one third of the screen before stopping and shooting green projectiles. When coming in packs these should be immediately frozen or dealt with in some other way, but before they get in range of your wall. Boss enemies
After each 10th level there is at least one powerful monster that needs to be defeated. They appear after all the normal monsters so you need to be prepared and have mana and hit points to spare when they come. There are 2 typ…

WinLaunch OSX LaunchPad for windows

Bring faster access to file,program,folder.

WinLaunch is a portable windows desktop makeup that brings Mac OS X or iPad type of App Launcher to any version of Windows, from Windows XP, to Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit editions. With the tool, you can add any of your applications, shortcuts into the Launch Pad, organize them in a way that is exactly like you do on your iPad, things like clicking and holding on one of the icon to make them wiggle so you can move them around, or move one icon on top of the other to make a folder, etc.. It’s portable so you don’t have to install it and you can run it when needed without adding anything extra to your system. Simply download and pick the version that matches your system and fire up WinLaunch.exe file.
5 ways to activate and use WinLaunch: 1. Pin WinLaunch.exe to taskbar if you are running Windows 7. 2. Activate the HotCorners in the options and move your mouse in the specified corner of your screen, by default it’s left top corner. 3. Activa…

Steve Jobs act as a President (rare video)

Short Scene
Full Movie

A rare video presented at a 1984 international sales conference starring Steve Jobs as Franklin Delano Roosevelt was just released online this week. Using World War 2 as a setting, the video portrays Apple’s fight against Big Blue (IBM) and their mission to free the enslaved/imprisoned office workers of the world. Make sure to visit the NetworkWorld post below to read all kinds of fun facts about the history of this unique and rare video!
In a clip in the middle of the video, Jobs appears behind a desk (presumably at the White House) calling a general. "Your battle will be long, your battle will be hard, but it will be won. I am sure your victory will be great. Insanely great," Jobs advises the head of the Macintosh camp on the telephone. A clip is posted above; the full nine minute clip is posted on YouTube. According to Network World, Apple spent $50,000 to make the video.
ref YouTube CNET News HowtoGeek

Tips : Change Level Defender 2 without using GameCIH

WARNINGBefore edit use Titaniumbackup to backup this game.
Please Like or +1 if you like it. :) Requirements: Rooted Android  Root Browser Download Defender 2 Download Titanium Backup(Optional for safety) Download
Open Root Browser then go in to dbData/Database/com.droidhen.defender2/shared_prefs/save3.xml