Tips : Change Level Defender 2 without using GameCIH

WARNING Before edit use Titaniumbackup to backup this game.
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Rooted Android 
Root Browser Download
Defender 2 Download
Titanium Backup(Optional for safety) Download

Open Root Browser
then go in to

I suggest you to copy this file to
before you edit this file

This is my example Cheat code that change Level to 699
Feel free to ask me.I'll answer as soon as possible !

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<int name="magicStone" value="13" />
<int name="checkDeviceID" value="1" />
<int name="equipMagic1" value="0" />
<string name="deviceID">aaadc92b234f3011-1275372892</string>
<int name="bowGet20" value="1" />
<int name="help13" value="1" />
<int name="stage" value="699" />
<int name="help12" value="1" />
<int name="help11" value="1" />
<string name="checkValuegold">d11e84d8e0edaf424e88b817ab60d767</string>
<int name="skillLevel10" value="1" />
<int name="level" value="5" />
<int name="bowLock5" value="1" />
<int name="skillLevel14" value="3" />
<int name="skillLevel15" value="2" />
<int name="skillLevel18" value="1" />
<int name="gold" value="1935" />
<string name="checkValuemagicStone">099147e971f0cc72e4e400f3dcbaea1f</string>
<int name="costStone" value="0" />
<int name="killMonster" value="50539" />
<int name="skillLevel7" value="200" />
<int name="skillLevel8" value="250" />
<int name="skillLevel9" value="1" />
<int name="fireCast" value="2002" />
<string name="playerName">um items</string>
<int name="costCoin" value="8900" />
<int name="equipBow" value="20" />
<int name="help7" value="1" />
<int name="help1" value="1" />
<int name="bowLock2" value="1" />
<int name="bowGet19" value="1" />
<int name="exp" value="374" />
<int name="lightCast" value="0" />
<int name="iceCast" value="2601" />

after edit the file you need to remove 
save3.xml.bak too
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