Link directories Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 [in ubuntu]

Concept to Sharing File between OS 
(in Single Computer)

Can you see the Windows drive from Ubuntu? 
If yes, then you can see whatever changes you make in Windows, directly in Ubuntu.

This Example will show you how to link music folder.
You can apply to any folder you want to link.

Find the Windows music folder path
In nautilus and then Right click → Properties → Location.
This is the "source" location, 

Do you have anything in the Ubuntu music folder? 
If yes, you need to move the contents to another folder, e.g. on Desktop

Now you need to find the path for the Ubuntu music folder. 
Do what we did on step 1. This is the "target" location, e.g. /home/userName/Music

The Ubuntu music folder should be empty by now
Delete it Open a terminal and write:
ln -s "source" "target" 
substituting with the paths we found in steps 1 and 3, e.g. 

ln -s /media/Windows/Users/userName/Music /home/userName/Music

If you had data in your Ubuntu music folder in step 2, you can now move them back to the new folder.

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