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Google Student Ambassador Summit @ Singapore 2012

In February, I have seen Google's advertisement about Google Student Ambassador Program.It was a very interesting for me. So I try to registered.About two month after the registration I was called to come to their interview via Google hangout.
The Google Campus Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to represent Google on your campus. Google Ambassadors have some structure and a lot of freedom to figure out the best ways for Google to get involved in their universities.

Google let every Student Ambassador live at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore during the summit.
Every day will have a lecture about Google product,Marketing etc.

This is the Chrome book start up very fast!
After the lecture In the Google Singapore.

Travel on day 2.

Having Dinner @ MEDZS restaurant MEDZS restaurant, located at Orchard Central’s basement 2, is the first food and beverage (“F&B”) outlet in Singapore to serve up various Mediterranean fare – such as Spanish, Moroccan, French, Turkish and …

Fetch the facebook profile pictures using Python script

3SA01 Introduction to Python  Fetch the facebook profile pictures using Python script.
Fetch the facebook profile pictures

Read facebook profile address from file which is no need to type every facebook profile address (just read it all from file).

How to use
Create text File “profileName.txt”
Enter facebook profile address per line.
Using terminal in Ubuntu run : "python"



profileName.txt 3

Computer Engineering Lab I Lab 3SA02 JSP and Servlet

241-301Computer Engineering Lab I Lab 3SA02 JSP and Servlet Description          This web application is Dynamic GPA Calculation.The web page will receive SubjectName,SubjectGrade and SubjectCredit dynamically using JavaScript.Then send form data with post method to report.jsp to calculate the GPA.           This web application also using CSS and HTML5 to design the web.
STEP 1 : Webpage when user enter this web application.

STEP 2 : When user press Add button the web application auto generate textField and initial value.

STEP 3 : After user complete the form.

STEP 4 : When user press submit button .The data sent to report.jsp to create report.

refHTML5&CSS3 text…

Cannot run Apache Xampp on windows7

try to stop Internet Information Service (ISS) Manager

Click Start buttom in the search boxtype"Internet Information Service (ISS) Manager"

open C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv
open InetMgr.exe
then click stop on the right hand
then try to run apache again.