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Google Sites Challenge

What is the Google Sites Challenge about?
We are thrilled to announce the Google Sites Challenge to encourage students to learn about the benefits of using Google Sites in managing club information and activities by providing students with a hands on challenge!

Why Google Sites?
We know the difficulties in collaboration, managing club information and of course having a secure platform. Well, Google Sites is here to save the day!

Here are some of the features of Google Sites that are extremely helpful to student organizations:
- Single-click page creation
- No HTML required
- Make it your own
- Get started with templates
- Upload files and attachments
- Embed rich content
- Work together and share
- Search with Google

Overview of Google Sites

Who is eligible to take part in the Google Sites Challenge?
All student organizations/clubs recognized by your university! Land your creativities and originalities in Google Sites by 15 January 2013. Your club might stand a chance to walk
away with USD 500 wort…