Google Sites Challenge

What is the Google Sites Challenge about?
We are thrilled to announce the Google Sites Challenge to encourage students to learn about the benefits of using Google Sites in managing club information and activities by providing students with a hands on challenge!

Why Google Sites?
We know the difficulties in collaboration, managing club information and of course having a secure platform. Well, Google Sites is here to save the day!

Here are some of the features of Google Sites that are extremely helpful to student organizations:
- Single-click page creation
- No HTML required
- Make it your own
- Get started with templates
- Upload files and attachments
- Embed rich content
- Work together and share
- Search with Google

Overview of Google Sites

Who is eligible to take part in the Google Sites Challenge?
All student organizations/clubs recognized by your university! Land your creativities and originalities in Google Sites by 15 January 2013. Your club might stand a chance to walk
away with USD 500 worth of prizes and more.

How do I participate?
Simply put, create a Google Site for your student club/organization and submit your entry here by 15 January 2013! This is an inter-university challenge! The winning club from each country will receive a sponsorship of up to USD 500 to make student organization/club uniforms!
Prizes! :
  • The winning club from each country will receive a sponsorship of up to USD 500 for student organization/club uniforms
Additional Awards:
  • The winning club for the additional award will get to enjoy the Google experience through a pizza/BBQ party to be thrown by our GSAs in campus!
1) Usability Award - Focus on the user
2) People’s Choice Award - Share your site on G+ using #googlesiteschallenge and let the no. of +1s be the deciding factor
3) Innovative usage of Google Sites Award

How to Submit:
Do submit the link of your Google Sites here

Submission Deadline:
15 January 2013 

Official Rules
1. Entry must be submitted by student organization/club recognized by the university.
2. Creation of Google Site must be initiated by students. Faculty members may play an
   advisory role.
3. Each student organization or club may submit only one application. If more than one
   applications are received from the same organization, only the first submission will be
4. Websites will be evaluated based on design, content, navigation, creativity and usage of
   Google Sites features.

Terms & Conditions Apply
  • The winning entry will be receiving a sponsorship of up USD 500 for clubs’ uniforms. University and club logos must be included in the design.
  • Sponsorship of USD 500 will be given in the form of reimbursement.
  • Prizes / Reimbursements must be claimed by 31 March 2013. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.
  • Late submissions will not be entertained
  • The decision of Google is final and no appeals will be entertained.

Links to Additional Resources

1) Google Help Center
2) How to use Google Site
3) Official Google Sites Forum
4) Google Sites Overview
5) Google Apps Blogspot 

1) Google Apps: Sites
2) Google Sites Video

Features of Google Sites
10 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Sites

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