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How to update all CITATION in MS Word 2010

For anyone who publishing project or paper may have problems with citation if you remove or rearrange the citation.

The Solution is very simple just  Switch to print preview then back again. That should update all the fields.


Fix Eclipse Problem with SDK Update - [find_lock] Directory locked by javaw.exe (eclipse.exe)

Fix Eclipse Problem with SDK Update - [find_lock] Directory locked by javaw.exe (eclipse.exe)

JUST close eclipse and open SDK Manager in android sdk folder

Copying Files Between Windows and Linux using PuTTY

File transfers can be done using PSCP (Putty Secure CoPy) or by using PSFTP (Putty Secure File Transfer Protocol).
PSFTP can be launched from the Windows Start.
PSCP must be launched from within a DOS box (StartWingdings"">àRun and enter cmd, then press OK). Before
running PSCP, you need to set the path variable. At the DOS command prompt, type
set PATH=C:\Program Files\PuTTY
This assumes you installed PuTTY in C:\Program Files\PuTTY (default). Note the “\” slash.
This will only work for the lifetime of that particular console window. To set your PATH more permanently on Windows NT, 2000, and XP, use the Advanced tab of the System Control Panel (right-click on MyComputer then select Properties). Click the Environment Variables button, high-light “path” and edit it. Add “;C:\Program Files\PuTTY” at the end of
the line. You can then verify the path is correct by typing “path” at the DOS prompt.
The format for pscp is straight forward:
pscp [options] source destination
To copy …

Android Reverse Tethering for windows users.

If you cannot connect your android phone to the WiFi.
You can using your labtop to connect to internet via lan or WiFi then
let your android phone connect to internet via usb.

You Need
- Rooted Phone
-Super User Installed

First download From XDA-DEVELOPER
Unzip it and open AndroidTools.exe in windows
Then connect your phone via usb
Then Click connect in AndroidTools.exe

First time AndroidTools will install USB Tunnel into your android.
Open it then reconnect and have FUN ^^

There are a few problems with apps Market(Google Play)
This is the Solution

1) Android market works with this reverse tethering trick BUT it does not "download/update" apps. This is because market app thinks there is no internet connection.
2) Simple trick is that u also enable ur data connection after following all above steps

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