Android Reverse Tethering for windows users.

If you cannot connect your android phone to the WiFi.
You can using your labtop to connect to internet via lan or WiFi then
let your android phone connect to internet via usb.

You Need
- Rooted Phone
-Super User Installed

First download From XDA-DEVELOPER
Unzip it and open AndroidTools.exe in windows
Then connect your phone via usb
Then Click connect in AndroidTools.exe

First time AndroidTools will install USB Tunnel into your android.
Open it then reconnect and have FUN ^^

There are a few problems with apps Market(Google Play)
This is the Solution

1) Android market works with this reverse tethering trick BUT it does not "download/update" apps. This is because market app thinks there is no internet connection.
2) Simple trick is that u also enable ur data connection after following all above steps

For more information

Other Reverse Tethering Apps
littlelan.ReverseTether.Trial (I have try this apps for half an hour and cannot reverse tethering)
(If anyone can use it please tell me)

Key features:
- You'll be able to connect to the internet via USB with a single click. No advanced skills required whatsoever.
- The connection will appear on your device as 3G so that all apps including Market function seamlessly as if you're actually connected to 3G.
- It will first guide you in 2 easy steps to setup your computer for it to work.
- No pc-side software installation is needed at all.
- It provides an option to automatically connect as soon as you plug in USB.
- To disconnect, simply unplug USB. To connect again, plug back USB. Voila. Easy.
- A manual configuration option is also available for advanced users.
This app requires:
- A ROOTED android device
- A Tether option in your device.
- A desktop/laptop computer with your device drivers installed (and ability to edit Network Connections, no extra software needed)
- An internet connection
- Patience - a connection may take a few seconds to a few minutes to get established, since there's no direct way to do it but through this trick.

This is other one

Connect your android to Internet using PC side network connection via a USB cable. Support both windows and linux (ubuntu)! Your phone has to be rooted for this app!!!
You phone need to have "sqlit3" installed the app to work as well.
Very important, please email to developer if you had
problem!! and Please see the youtube video first.
Don't leave comments like "my internal browser works but
opera doesn't"! it is mostly likely because of your proxy setting and has nothing to do with this app!!!
Just connect your android phone to computer via a USB cable.
With this app and some simple setup steps, the PC side Internet will be shared by your android phone.
This is also known as reverse tether (tethering) or USB reverse tethering.
Again this app requires ROOTED phone.
reverse tether, reverse tethering, usb, internet, windows,
liunx, ubuntu, network

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