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My Go game fight with computer rank 6 kyu on 21 FEB 2013

My Go game fight with computer 6k on 21 FEB 2013
Fight with computer rank 6 kyu 21 FEB 2013
(; GM[1]FF[4]VW[]AP[Many Faces of Go version 12.010] SZ[19] HA[0] ST[0] PB[Um007] PW[The Many Faces of Go] DT[2013-02-21] KM[6.5] RU[Japanese] RE[B+R] BR[6 Kyu] WR[6 Kyu] C[I'm b 7k vs com 6k There some of my stupid mistake . Result White resigns. White has: 41 surrounded points (marked) 19 prisoners 6.5 points komi 66 1/2 points total Black has: 84 surrounded points (marked) 25 prisoners 109 points total] ;B[pp];W[cd];B[qd];W[dp];B[ec];W[hd];B[jc];W[ed] ;B[fd];W[dc] C[computer doesn't follow the joseki at E15] ;B[ee];W[dd];B[fc];W[hb];B[he] C[aim to press white in the low position] ;W[ie];B[id];W[lc] ;B[oc];W[pj];B[ph] C[this move aim to attack] TR[pj][lc][ie] ;W[le];B[kd] C[sente and reinforce black group] ;W[ld];B[hc] C[I want to move at N 12 to attack w but I don't want to play aggressively O14 also safer but I think it smaller than N12 which attack both \ w group] TR[ie][l…

Begin to use (play) the Facebook Graph Search

Facebook graph search is a new feature of facebook that allow you to search more about everything.
Find more of what you’re looking for through your friends and connections.
e.g. People who live in my city.
This will list all of people who live in my city.
My facebook ui has been changed.
Tutorial from facebook
Enter the key word "my friends who..."
There are many result...
It's still in beta if you wanna try go here