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Go Game I play with 9 kyu commented by 4 dan

My Go game fight with computer 6k on 21 FEB 2013I play with 9 kyu commented by 4 dan  This game 4 dan  give me rich comment on my game ^^ (I've learn so much)

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50]TM[1500]OT[3x20 byo-yomi] PW[umgalaxys]PB[KARELIAN]WR[8k]BR[9k]DT[2013-03-13]PC[The KGS Go Server at]RE[W+11.50] ;B[pd]BL[1496.646]C[umgalaxys [8k\]: hi gg ] ;W[dp]WL[1497.364] ;B[pp]BL[1494.085] ;W[cd]WL[1494.342] ;B[pj]BL[1485.598] ;W[nq]WL[1492.054] ;B[lq]BL[1482.046]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: N4 usually isnt a great idea for W here Starstorm3 [4d\]: it helps make M3 pretty strong ] (;W[mp]WL[1489.588] ;B[lp]BL[1474.91] ;W[pq]WL[1479.192]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: R3 is the instinctual response Starstorm3 [4d\]: to any time W plays Q3 umgalaxys [7k\]: but will O5 make me weak? Starstorm3 [4d\]: so back to here Starstorm3 [4d\]: R3 is always tempting Starstorm3 [4d\]: and sometimes its a great move Starstorm3 [4d\]: but in this case Starstorm3 [4d\]:…

BEST Baduk (Go) Self Learning Resource from 15 kyu to 1 dan

There are many baduk learning resource but which is the best.
Here are some of selected resource that might help you play baduk better.

go Problems  (tsumego)go Server (to play with people or bot(computer))comment game (Study on others game with explanation)Pro-game (Study on professional game)JosekiPattern search for a similar gameNews/ArticleVideo lecture (teach by 5dan very good one)

GoProblem (Tsumego)
There are more than 8000 problems for you to solve it for free. The problems has been separate in to many genre if there are bad problems user can flag it or rate it. If there are other possibility in the problems  users can add it easily.(every move will be record automatially) If you cannot solve you may look for the solution or others move as shown on the image above.
User can also upload their problems in to this web.
Play Baduk(Go) Online


If your are beginner or have lower than rank 1 kyu this go server is good to start.
You can play free game or rated ga…