Go Game I play with 9 kyu commented by 4 dan

My Go game fight with computer 6k on 21 FEB 2013
I play with 9 kyu commented by 4 dan 
This game 4 dan  give me rich comment on my game ^^ (I've learn so much)

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50]TM[1500]OT[3x20 byo-yomi] PW[umgalaxys]PB[KARELIAN]WR[8k]BR[9k]DT[2013-03-13]PC[The KGS Go Server at http://www.gokgs.com/]RE[W+11.50] ;B[pd]BL[1496.646]C[umgalaxys [8k\]: hi gg ] ;W[dp]WL[1497.364] ;B[pp]BL[1494.085] ;W[cd]WL[1494.342] ;B[pj]BL[1485.598] ;W[nq]WL[1492.054] ;B[lq]BL[1482.046]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: N4 usually isnt a great idea for W here Starstorm3 [4d\]: it helps make M3 pretty strong ] (;W[mp]WL[1489.588] ;B[lp]BL[1474.91] ;W[pq]WL[1479.192]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: R3 is the instinctual response Starstorm3 [4d\]: to any time W plays Q3 umgalaxys [7k\]: but will O5 make me weak? Starstorm3 [4d\]: so back to here Starstorm3 [4d\]: R3 is always tempting Starstorm3 [4d\]: and sometimes its a great move Starstorm3 [4d\]: but in this case Starstorm3 [4d\]: i really like P4 ] (;B[qq]BL[1472.59] ;W[op]WL[1478.111] ;B[po]BL[1470.46] ;W[oo]WL[1473.817]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: the board is so open Starstorm3 [4d\]: that we want to instinctually tenuki Starstorm3 [4d\]: but in this case, Starstorm3 [4d\]: we cannot as B ] (;B[ed]BL[1461.923] ;W[pn]WL[1471.79]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: the hane is great ] ;B[qn]BL[1459.766]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: but now here Starstorm3 [4d\]: W has a very vicious move Starstorm3 [4d\]: any ideas? umgalaxys [7k\]: hmm Starstorm3 [4d\]: Q7 isa little soft really Starstorm3 [4d\]: W can be very punishing umgalaxys [7k\]: yes in real game i move at Q7 Starstorm3 [4d\]: yea KARELIAN [9k\]: r7? Starstorm3 [4d\]: bingo ;) ] (;W[pm]WL[1465.894] ;B[qm]BL[1458.528] ;W[pl]WL[1457.447] ;B[ql]BL[1457.208]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: ah same idea here ] (;W[pr]WL[1453.797] ;B[qr]BL[1454.854] ;W[qs]WL[1451.165]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: this is endgame though :) Starstorm3 [4d\]: dont play yet ] ;B[rp]BL[1430.502] ;W[iq]WL[1447.868]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: fine! umgalaxys [7k\]: ok ] ;B[gq]BL[1426.665]SQ[pl][pm][pn][oo][op]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: this is an overplay though Starstorm3 [4d\]: we always have to look at the global position Starstorm3 [4d\]: W has this big powerful wall Starstorm3 [4d\]: ready to attack M4 if it jumps Starstorm3 [4d\]: b will have lots of trouble Starstorm3 [4d\]: making both G3 and M3 lives ] (;W[hp]WL[1443.721]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: this is possible ] ;B[dr]BL[1421.968] ;W[cq]WL[1433.093] ;B[eq]BL[1420.348] ;W[ep]WL[1430.697] ;B[fp]BL[1418.219] ;W[fo]WL[1427.396] ;B[cr]BL[1405.669] ;W[br]WL[1421.218] ;B[hr]BL[1402.747] ;W[ir]WL[1414.147] ;B[fr]BL[1392.85]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: so B can live without a problem Starstorm3 [4d\]: but... Starstorm3 [4d\]: now M4 is very sad ] ;W[df]WL[1401.971] ;B[cc]BL[1389.206] (;W[cj]WL[1393.92] (;B[dm]BL[1379.624]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: this is too deep i think ;) Starstorm3 [4d\]: W has a relatively thick wall Starstorm3 [4d\]: and stones on both sides Starstorm3 [4d\]: playing very close to strong walls Starstorm3 [4d\]: isnt a great idea usually ] ;W[el]WL[1387.89]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: playable Starstorm3 [4d\]: but B can do a sacrifice play.. ] (;B[dl]BL[1373.279] (;W[bm]WL[1379.837]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: very aggressive umgalaxys [7k\]: haha Starstorm3 [4d\]: but as W here Starstorm3 [4d\]: i think just seal b inside Starstorm3 [4d\]: really really hard for B to live ] (;B[em]BL[1369.802] ;W[fl]WL[1370.263] ;B[dk]BL[1365.946] ;W[di]WL[1363.521] ;B[ej]BL[1364.12] ;W[fi]WL[1362.264] ;B[fj]BL[1360.349] ;W[gl]WL[1358.806] ;B[gj]BL[1356.42] ;W[oj]WL[1350.32] ;B[oi]BL[1354.086] ;W[nj]WL[1348.541] ;B[pi]BL[1345.957] ;W[ni]WL[1345.633]C[KARELIAN [9k\]: sure umgalaxys [7k\]: sure Starstorm3 [4d\]: you're obviously welcome as well um ;) ] (;B[nh]BL[1343.707]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: want to take a look harrison? Starstorm3 [4d\]: locally O12 is fine Starstorm3 [4d\]: however KARELIAN [9k\]: wallz Starstorm3 [4d\]: you're making G10 weaker and weaker ] ;W[mh]WL[1343.158] ;B[ng]BL[1342.105] ;W[mg]WL[1341.696] ;B[mf]BL[1339.174] ;W[lf]WL[1339.884] ;B[me]BL[1336.016] ;W[le]WL[1337.914] ;B[go]BL[1321.45]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: this ends up hurting you ;) Starstorm3 [4d\]: careful about your eyes ] ;W[gp]WL[1334.526] ;B[fn]BL[1317.261] ;W[fq]WL[1331.913] ;B[gn]BL[1315.31] (;W[hl]WL[1310.529] ;B[ik]BL[1310.811]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: knights jump is an aggressive attackking move Starstorm3 [4d\]: but its also cuttable ;) Starstorm3 [4d\]: and B probably does NOT want to be cut here ] ;W[im]WL[1308.395] ;B[io]BL[1303.585] ;W[jp]WL[1296.544] ;B[jo]BL[1295.163] ;W[jl]WL[1284.375] ;B[il]BL[1290.645] ;W[hn]WL[1278.653] ;B[ho]BL[1277.899] ;W[jm]WL[1268.588]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: good W defense Starstorm3 [4d\]: B isnt safe yet at all ] (;B[hj]BL[1255.899]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: K9 important stones? Starstorm3 [4d\]: err J9? KARELIAN [9k\]: not raelly Starstorm3 [4d\]: yea just two kinda floaty stones Starstorm3 [4d\]: not doing much Starstorm3 [4d\]: not cutting anything ] ;W[kp]WL[1256.76] ;B[lo]BL[1248.497]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: big time overplay here ;) Starstorm3 [4d\]: surrounded by W strength Starstorm3 [4d\]: no way can live ] ;W[ko]WL[1254.111] ;B[ln]BL[1244.451] ;W[kn]WL[1252.283] ;B[lm]BL[1242.892] (;W[hh]WL[1240.238]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: very aggressive move here Starstorm3 [4d\]: but i fear W is getting thin Starstorm3 [4d\]: all sorts of cutting points umgalaxys [7k\]: yes too aggresive ] ;B[ei]BL[1233.248] (;W[fh]WL[1233.262]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: oh ic ] ;B[eh]BL[1231.52] ;W[dh]WL[1229.369] ;B[eg]BL[1230.058] ;W[ff]WL[1225.854] ;B[ef]BL[1227.092] ;W[ee]WL[1224.425] (;B[fg]BL[1226.134] ;W[fe]WL[1217.685] ;B[dg]BL[1219.645] ;W[de]WL[1210.354] ;B[dd]BL[1215.35] ;W[cg]WL[1201.493] ;B[eo]BL[1197.134] ;W[fp]WL[1198.062] ;B[do]BL[1195.218] ;W[co]WL[1196.744] (;B[dn]BL[1189.323]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: not 100% eye yet ] ;W[gh]WL[1189.313] ;B[gg]BL[1183.938] ;W[fd]WL[1183.364] ;B[fc]BL[1179.601] ;W[gc]WL[1178.103] ;B[fb]BL[1173.232] ;W[md]WL[1176.465] ;B[nd]BL[1170.243]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: same concept here with the double hane ] (;W[mc]WL[1174.638] ;B[nc]BL[1168.28] ;W[nb]WL[1171.168] ;B[ob]BL[1162.347] ;W[oc]WL[1168.518] ;B[od]BL[1156.804] ;W[mb]WL[1154.803] ;B[hg]BL[1147.925] ;W[ih]WL[1152.706] ;B[hm]BL[1110.778] ;W[gm]WL[1146.916] ;B[bl]BL[1100.826] ;W[bk]WL[1138.938] ;B[al]BL[1089.268] ;W[ak]WL[1125.203] ;B[ck]BL[1080.299] ;W[bj]WL[1116.987] (;B[cn]BL[1064.309]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: :) ] ;W[bn]WL[1078.65] ;B[bo]BL[1058.046] ;W[cp]WL[1075.574] ;B[bp]BL[1039.528] ;W[bq]WL[1061.652]C[KARELIAN [9k\]: gg to you as well ] ;B[ii]BL[1010.762] ;W[jh]WL[1051.993] ;B[jk]BL[887.476] ;W[kl]WL[1015.516] ;B[ji]BL[878.797] ;W[jj]WL[986.156] ;B[kj]BL[875.325] ;W[hk]WL[962.689] ;B[ij]BL[870.727] ;W[kk]WL[957.483] (;B[ki]BL[869.062] ;W[fm]WL[951.829] ;B[km]BL[864.343] ;W[jn]WL[945.849] ;B[kg]BL[853.708] ;W[kh]WL[937.459] ;B[lg]BL[844.029] ;W[lh]WL[933.812] ;B[jg]BL[830.89] ;W[ig]WL[903.972] ;B[if]BL[828.259] ;W[jf]WL[900.502] ;B[je]BL[815.989] ;W[kf]WL[898.461] ;B[he]BL[814.73]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: B not happy of course Starstorm3 [4d\]: but game is still somewhat close Starstorm3 [4d\]: if b can keep entire uper right ] ;W[gf]WL[894.616] ;B[hf]BL[812.704] ;W[id]WL[892.614] ;B[jd]BL[800.436] ;W[hd]WL[882.033] ;B[ie]BL[795.406] ;W[jb]WL[865.702] ;B[ch]BL[775.989] ;W[bh]WL[830.073] ;B[cf]BL[763.246] ;W[bg]WL[826.43] ;B[ce]BL[757.226] ;W[be]WL[802.063] ;B[bd]BL[752.625] ;W[bf]WL[799.627] ;B[cd]BL[750.158] ;W[gd]WL[797.216] ;B[ic]BL[742.179] ;W[ib]WL[789.777] ;B[jc]BL[723.787] ;W[hb]WL[780.744] ;B[kb]BL[703.595] ;W[kc]WL[777.39] ;B[lb]BL[691.603]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: doesnt quite work :( ] ;W[lc]WL[771.367] (;B[ip]BL[668.596] ;W[hq]WL[746.449] ;B[gr]BL[658.512] ;W[es]WL[708.958] ;B[lk]BL[652.334] ;W[ll]WL[698.564] ;B[ml]BL[649.575] ;W[mk]WL[694.067] ;B[lj]BL[647.447] ;W[er]WL[678.362] ;B[nk]BL[627.19] ;W[mj]WL[673.421] ;B[ok]BL[625.083] (;W[nl]WL[669.217]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: ah umgalaxys [7k\]: haha Starstorm3 [4d\]: this is big ] ;B[mi]BL[622.657]C[umgalaxys [8k\]: oops KARELIAN [9k\]: yep ] ;W[mm]WL[643.529] ;B[mk]BL[620.416] ;W[nm]WL[640.534] ;B[ol]BL[592.491] ;W[om]WL[635.75] ;B[pk]BL[590.602]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: necessary? umgalaxys [7k\]: no KARELIAN [9k\]: nope Starstorm3 [4d\]: W has another good move ] (;W[qc]WL[630.295]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: so what to do here Starstorm3 [4d\]: is a tricky question KARELIAN [9k\]: i feel like a lot of my moves are unnecessary Starstorm3 [4d\]: the key behind it is counting Starstorm3 [4d\]: if W is behind Starstorm3 [4d\]: then he needs to risk R17 umgalaxys [7k\]: R16? Starstorm3 [4d\]: but if score is close Starstorm3 [4d\]: or W winning ] ;B[pc]BL[588.087] ;W[re]WL[626.07]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: ok ] (;B[qf]BL[579.408]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: so in this case Starstorm3 [4d\]: normal fighting rules for attacking umgalaxys [7k\]: so i have to tahnk you for your recomment before you sign out Starstorm3 [4d\]: for B umgalaxys [7k\]: thank you :) Starstorm3 [4d\]: go out the window Starstorm3 [4d\]: B can be 100% vicious KARELIAN [9k\]: lol what? Starstorm3 [4d\]: because B is superstrong everywhere KARELIAN [9k\]: window? ] ;W[rf]WL[623.127] ;B[rg]BL[578.239] ;W[qe]WL[620.801] ;B[pf]BL[574.936] ;W[qb]WL[611.585]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: a good idea Starstorm3 [4d\]: W should live here ] ;B[pb]BL[559.945] (;W[rh]WL[607.416]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: dont be fancy though ;) ] ;B[sg]BL[556.857] ;W[pe]WL[602.118] ;B[of]BL[542.265] ;W[qd]WL[586.299] ;B[qa]BL[526.956] ;W[ne]WL[583.463] ;B[oe]BL[521.452] ;W[nf]WL[582.077]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: if you take those two stones umgalaxys [7k\]: that is my mistake Starstorm3 [4d\]: hurts your corner ;) ] ;B[rb]BL[512.373] ;W[rc]WL[579.673] (;B[ra]BL[494.152] ;W[sf]WL[571.985] ;B[sd]BL[478.222] ;W[qg]WL[568.94] ;B[sc]BL[472.487] ;W[rj]WL[549.681] ;B[rk]BL[454.234] (;W[qj]WL[544.797] ;B[qh]BL[440.532] ;W[sh]WL[539.468] ;B[qi]BL[432.736] ;W[ri]WL[534.915] ;B[sj]BL[424.847] ;W[qk]WL[517.484] ;B[rl]BL[419.232] ;W[rr]WL[510.417] ;B[rq]BL[417.267] ;W[sr]WL[508.128]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: good kill for B Starstorm3 [4d\]: aggressive at the end ;) ] (;B[sq]BL[415.049] (;W[qo]WL[502.513] ;B[ro]BL[409.735] ;W[qp]WL[500.271] ;B[rs]BL[408.043]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: fun trade ] ;W[pg]WL[439.226] ;B[og]BL[379.254] ;W[sk]WL[415.156] ;B[sl]BL[373.309] ;W[si]WL[407.062] ;B[sk]BL[361.552]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: necessary? KARELIAN [9k\]: no Starstorm3 [4d\]: its just a matter of concentration Starstorm3 [4d\]: forcing yourself to check each and every move KARELIAN [9k\]: yep Starstorm3 [4d\]: is it necessary ] ;W[rn]WL[388.218] ;B[sn]BL[355.8] ;W[ao]WL[385.495] ;B[am]BL[344.706] ;W[an]WL[380.505] ;B[cl]BL[341.63] ;W[dj]WL[366.221] ;B[ek]BL[338.109] ;W[sb]WL[336.802]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: T19 necssary? umgalaxys [7k\]: not at all Starstorm3 [4d\]: ;;) ] ;B[sa]BL[332.619] ;W[fa]WL[319.772] (;B[ea]BL[323.749] ;W[ga]WL[318.456] ;B[eb]BL[318.84] ;W[ps]WL[297.628] ;B[gb]BL[304.74] ;W[hc]WL[282.604] ;B[ha]BL[300.952] ;W[ka]WL[277.758] ;B[ia]BL[293.468]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: M19 necessary? umgalaxys [7k\]: no ] ;W[la]WL[269.955]C[KARELIAN [9k\]: naw ] ;B[in]BL[272.283] (;W[jq]WL[255.732]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: hmm ] ;B[hm]BL[269.502] ;W[rm]WL[246.758] ;B[sm]BL[267.092] ;W[hn]WL[244.49] ;B[en]BL[266.326] ;W[hm]WL[238.727] ;B[na]BL[246.938] ;W[oa]WL[229.772] ;B[pa]BL[244.059] ;W[ma]WL[228.652] ;B[oa]BL[242.96] ;W[ad]WL[210.189] ;B[ac]BL[239.536] ;W[ja]WL[207.623] ;B[ga]BL[237.473] ;W[ae]WL[206.646] ;B[ss]BL[209.691]C[KARELIAN [9k\]: coulda killed big Starstorm3 [4d\]: T1 necessary? KARELIAN [9k\]: nah Starstorm3 [4d\]: its all about efficiency ;) KARELIAN [9k\]: and concentration Starstorm3 [4d\]: well yes Starstorm3 [4d\]: concentration brings efficiency Starstorm3 [4d\]: but you both can see which moves are necessary or not Starstorm3 [4d\]: thats not the problem Starstorm3 [4d\]: its just a matter of forcing yourself not to play the instinctual move Starstorm3 [4d\]: and really reading and asking yourself if you MUST play it umgalaxys [7k\]: ok Starstorm3 [4d\]: alriught then, i gotta head out Starstorm3 [4d\]: night! Starstorm3 [4d\]: gnight KARELIAN [9k\]: bye bye! ty for the review umgalaxys [7k\]: thank you umgalaxys [7k\]: bye ] ;W[kd]WL[192.364] ;B[]BL[209.689] ;W[]WL[192.362]TW[kb][lb][ld][me][af][mf][ag][jg][kg][lg][ah][ch][ai][bi][ci][aj][km][lm][ln][mn][nn][on][bo][lo][mo][no][po][ap][bp][lp][np][pp][aq][dq][eq][gq][kq][lq][mq][oq][ar][cr][dr][fr][gr][hr][jr][kr][lr][mr][nr][or][as][bs][cs][ds][fs][gs][hs][is][js][ks][ls][ms][ns][os]TB[aa][ba][ca][da][fa][ab][bb][cb][db][qb][sb][bc][dc][ec][oc][qc][rc][qd][rd][pe][qe][re][se][rf][sf][pg][qg][rg][sg][oh][ph][rh][sh][ni][ri][si][jj][mj][nj][oj][qj][rj][qk][rm][rn][so][sp][rr][sr]C[KARELIAN [9k\]: ty umgalaxys [7k\]: ty KARELIAN [9k\]: fun game KARELIAN [9k\]: i very much enjoyed umgalaxys [7k\]: me too ]) (;W[en]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: seems fine umgalaxys [7k\]: oh ])) (;B[gb]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: fun counter ])) (;W[rs]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: if W palys S1 here Starstorm3 [4d\]: he become safe ])) (;B[rs]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: throw in now Starstorm3 [4d\]: W cannot escape ] ;W[ss] ;B[sq])) (;W[qi]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: this way Starstorm3 [4d\]: W lives ])) (;B[sd]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: no need to S19 yet ] ;W[ra] ;B[sa] ;W[sc] ;B[pa]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: B is fine ])) (;W[sb]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: just make 100% 2 eyes umgalaxys [7k\]: yes but i'm too greedy ])) (;B[rf]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: for instance Starstorm3 [4d\]: normally Starstorm3 [4d\]: you wouldnt want to play this move Starstorm3 [4d\]: cause W gets R14 ] ;W[qf]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: but here, who cares if W gets R14? ] ;B[rg] ;W[qe]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: W cannot make a center eye Starstorm3 [4d\]: so B doesnt mind umgalaxys [7k\]: hmm ])) (;W[pc]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: simple extend Starstorm3 [4d\]: if B fights back.... ] ;B[pb] ;W[qc] ;B[qb] ;W[rc] ;B[rb] ;W[qe] ;B[pf] ;W[qf]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: oh i didn't expected this move Starstorm3 [4d\]: hmm my ocmputer may be crashing agian lol umgalaxys [7k\]: oh no Starstorm3 [4d\]: if i sign out suddenly sorry Starstorm3 [4d\]: hehe ])) (;W[mi] ;B[pk] ;W[mm] ;B[nl] ;W[nm])) (;B[es]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: B can live by ko here ] ;W[dq] ;B[cs] ;W[hq] ;B[gr] ;W[er]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: which is huge Starstorm3 [4d\]: if this lives and B keeps whole upper right Starstorm3 [4d\]: hmm Starstorm3 [4d\]: W still winning probably ])) (;B[kh]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: protect weakness Starstorm3 [4d\]: and attack K12 ;) ])) (;B[bn]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: this way ;) umgalaxys [7k\]: yes ])) (;W[nc]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: oh Starstorm3 [4d\]: if B tries to cut off O17 ] ;B[mc] ;W[ld] ;B[oc] ;W[ne]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: it appears everywhere ;) Starstorm3 [4d\]: the double hane is a very powerful move to add to your toolbox ])) (;B[gh]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: this is an eye though ])) (;B[de] ;W[fe] ;B[dd] ;W[dg] ;B[fg] ;W[gg] ;B[gf]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: VERY complex Starstorm3 [4d\]: hehe Starstorm3 [4d\]: but i think favorable for B ])) (;W[eh]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: at this point Starstorm3 [4d\]: dont try to kill B all-out Starstorm3 [4d\]: rather, let him live tiny ] ;B[fh] ;W[fg] ;B[gh] ;W[gg] ;B[gi] ;W[dh])) (;W[kj]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: this seems simplest Starstorm3 [4d\]: seal off that area 100% ] ;B[hh] ;W[bc] ;B[dc] ;W[be] ;B[ic] ;W[qc]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: yes and safe Starstorm3 [4d\]: 3-3 there big! ])) (;B[gi]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: if W really wants J9 ] ;W[hk] ;B[gg] ;W[ij]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: B can give them to him Starstorm3 [4d\]: and be happy umgalaxys [7k\]: haha ])) (;W[hm]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: maybe here ])) (;B[gi]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: get outta there! ])) (;B[dj] ;W[ci] ;B[ek]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: get away from that scary W wall ])) (;W[ek] ;B[bk] ;W[bj] ;B[bp] ;W[bq] ;B[en] ;W[fn] ;B[bn]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: just simple seal right? Starstorm3 [4d\]: yea Starstorm3 [4d\]: B still maybe not alive Starstorm3 [4d\]: and even if he does live Starstorm3 [4d\]: so what? umgalaxys [7k\]: B6->E5 Starstorm3 [4d\]: he's helped W build walls everywwhere ])) (;B[dk]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: this can get annoying Starstorm3 [4d\]: for W Starstorm3 [4d\]: if W tries to chop in half... ] (;W[dl] ;B[ck] ;W[cl] ;B[bl] ;W[bm] ;B[bj]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: hmm Starstorm3 [4d\]: B can sacrifice D7 and wedge his way in ]) (;W[fj]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: W should probably do this Starstorm3 [4d\]: build big moyo on the bottom ]))) (;B[ej]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: a reduction move like E10 looks fine Starstorm3 [4d\]: instead of direct invasion try to force W to get only 3rd line territory ])) (;W[bc]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: responding is fine ] ;B[dc]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: fire away ] ;W[be]C[KARELIAN [9k\]: what if w d 17 instead of b 17? ] ;B[ic]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: I afraid if black attack at C10 KARELIAN [9k\]: i have a question KARELIAN [9k\]: about that joseki ]) (;W[dc] ;B[dd]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: B cuts KARELIAN [9k\]: sack the corner get influence? Starstorm3 [4d\]: eh? Starstorm3 [4d\]: B is doing fine in the corner Starstorm3 [4d\]: W to play? KARELIAN [9k\]: idk these are hard KARELIAN [9k\]: ummmm KARELIAN [9k\]: oh ladder of course Starstorm3 [4d\]: W cannot easily make this work KARELIAN [9k\]: lol nvm KARELIAN [9k\]: ummmmm umgalaxys [7k\]: sacrifice jobs Starstorm3 [4d\]: this isnt joseki usually KARELIAN [9k\]: e 17 KARELIAN [9k\]: ? Starstorm3 [4d\]: because its really ahrd for W to find the next move ] ;W[ec] ;B[ce] ;W[bd] ;B[cb]LB[fc:B][be:A]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: C18 is a fun tesuji Starstorm3 [4d\]: B takes whichever W doesnt KARELIAN [9k\]: miai! Starstorm3 [4d\]: right ])) (;W[io]LB[go:A][ko:B]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: but this seems simplest umgalaxys [7k\]: may be better Starstorm3 [4d\]: W can attack at least one group very hard ])) (;W[qr]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: if B tries to counterattack.. ] ;B[pr] ;W[oq] ;B[rr] ;W[qp]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: he gets stuck in double atari umgalaxys [7k\]: ok ])) (;W[qm]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: the double hane is powerful here Starstorm3 [4d\]: if W tries to use the cutting points... ] (;B[pm]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: i mean B ] ;W[on] ;B[rm] ;W[qo]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: he gets himself in double atari umgalaxys [7k\]: nice Starstorm3 [4d\]: and w takes back corner ]) (;B[qo]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: if B defends ] ;W[pm]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: much better for W than just getting Q7 umgalaxys [7k\]: yes Starstorm3 [4d\]: now Q10 crying ]))) (;B[pm]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: b needs another move Starstorm3 [4d\]: not only lots of points Starstorm3 [4d\]: and makes Q5 safe Starstorm3 [4d\]: and prepares Q2 attack later umgalaxys [7k\]: ok Starstorm3 [4d\]: but also prevents a very mean W attack ])) (;B[op] ;W[oq] ;B[mo]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: let W have corner ] ;W[qp] ;B[qo] ;W[qq] ;B[pn]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: B not sad! Starstorm3 [4d\]: moyo ])) (;W[no]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: if you want out Starstorm3 [4d\]: O5 is fine Starstorm3 [4d\]: where? Starstorm3 [4d\]: you mean wedge? umgalaxys [7k\]: N4 or P4 umgalaxys [7k\]: yes or O4 Starstorm3 [4d\]: oh you have a peep sure Starstorm3 [4d\]: but you're not in danger really Starstorm3 [4d\]: and wedge doesnt work too well for B Starstorm3 [4d\]: no W will not ] (;B[np]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: so if black peep will white will have a bad shape? ] ;W[op] ;B[mp] ;W[oo] ;B[oq]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: B can cut off one stone Starstorm3 [4d\]: but... ] ;W[pq] ;B[or] ;W[pr] ;B[nr] ;W[qp]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: W isnt sad ]) (;B[mp] ;W[np]LB[nm:A][pn:C][lo:D][mp:E][pp:F][pq:B]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: B doesnt have Starstorm3 [4d\]: the center strength Starstorm3 [4d\]: to really try and hurt W Starstorm3 [4d\]: W has all sorts of moves Starstorm3 [4d\]: to play next Starstorm3 [4d\]: B cannot possibly stop them all umgalaxys [7k\]: oh i c but umgalaxys [7k\]: i still have a question Starstorm3 [4d\]: fire away ;) umgalaxys [7k\]: even b can't stop w umgalaxys [7k\]: but he can exten his territory why attack this w Starstorm3 [4d\]: well B isnt too safe yet either umgalaxys [7k\]: I mean b gain benefit while w is escaping Starstorm3 [4d\]: for instance Starstorm3 [4d\]: B to play here? umgalaxys [7k\]: I would play at C ] ;B[pn]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: a fine mvoe for B Starstorm3 [4d\]: but W isnt the only one Starstorm3 [4d\]: being chased Starstorm3 [4d\]: N4 isnt safe either Starstorm3 [4d\]: if W wants to be aggressive Starstorm3 [4d\]: on the other hand Starstorm3 [4d\]: if you just want W to make eyes Starstorm3 [4d\]: simply ] (;W[kp]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: he can do L4 ]) (;W[pq] ;B[qq]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: W has a great tesuji here Starstorm3 [4d\]: that yo should make sure to remember ] ;W[qr]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: if B tries the obvious cut through... ] (;B[pr] ;W[oq] ;B[rr]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: oh ic ] ;W[qp] ;B[rq] ;W[po]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: B corner destroyted ]) (;B[qp] ;W[or]C[Starstorm3 [4d\]: if B connects Starstorm3 [4d\]: W makes flexible shape Starstorm3 [4d\]: simple life Starstorm3 [4d\]: and now it is M3 thats not safe! umgalaxys [7k\]: wow umgalaxys [7k\]: ok ])))) (;W[lp]C[umgalaxys [7k\]: ok Starstorm3 [4d\]: there are some more complicated joseki Starstorm3 [4d\]: with M4 ]))

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