Problems&Solutions on Android Development for Beginner

Android requires compiler compliance level 5.0 or 6.0. Found '1.7' instead. Please use Android Tools > Fix Project Properties.

Android SDK isn't x64, but works ok with x64 jvm (and x64 eclipse IDE).
As helios said, you must set project compatibility to Java 5.0 or Java 6.0.
To do that, 2 options:
  1. right-click on your project and select "Android Tools -> Fix Project Properties" (if this din't work, try second option)
  2. right-click on your project and select "Properties -> Java Compiler", check "Enable project specific settings" and select 1.5 or 1.6 from "Compiler compliance settings" select box.
  3. If you has setContentView Error try to solve it too.(the solution is shown below)

setContentView(R.layout.Main); Main cannot be resolved or is not a field

Delete from imports android.R.layout and use layout from your package.
In some case delete import android.R.

Also try to update ide,android SDK etc.

How to fix the “NoClassDefFoundError” with ADT 17

setContentView(R.layout.main); // R error

Content Provider INSTALL_FAILED_CONFLICTING_PROVIDER (installing content provider as a separate apk)

You can solve it by changing the value of android:authorities in your AndroidManifest.xml file. The reason for the error is that another application installed on your device already uses that same value for android:authorities.

No properties tab in layout resource editor

Window -> Show View -> Other -> General -> Properties

How to access SQLite DB on android directly on win7

using cmd on win7 then

cd d:\Android\android-sdks\platform-tools
adb shell
cd /data/data
cd com.umitems.testdb6_1
cd databases
sqlite3 HealthAdvisor.db 

.help List all commands and options.

.exit Exit the sqlite3 command.
.schema Show the CREATE statements which were used to create the tables of the current database.

sqlite3 test.db  "create table t1 (t1key INTEGER
                  PRIMARY KEY,data TEXT,num double,timeEnter DATE);"

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