Android Studio (IntelliJ) Basic

Useful shortcut (Base on ItelliJ)

Ctrl+Alt+L Auto format,Optimize Import,Rearrange
Shift+Esc Show Editor
Ctrl+Shift+A Find Action

Ctrl+Mouse Over  Brief Info
Ctrl+ Space Basic Code Completion
Ctrl+Shift+Space Smart code completion (filters the list of methods and variables by expected type)
Alt+Enter Quick Fix
Ctrl+Q Document Lookup // Place the cursor to the method you wanna lookup

Ctrl+- Fold code
Ctrl++ unFold Code

Shift+F10 Run
Shift+F9 DeBug
Ctrl+/ Auto Comment
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T Refactor this
Shift+F6 Refactor/Rename

Ctrl+J Insert Code Template
Alt+Delete Safe Delete
Ctrl+Alt+(M/V/F/C/P) Auto Create Method/Var/Field/Constant/Parameter

Alt+ 1 Show Project
Alt+ 6 Show Android LogCat
Alt+ 7 Show Code Structure
Alt+Up/Down go to next/previous method

Type todo in a comment to Create ToDo

Analyze/Inspec Code
This will search for bad programming and also give suggest.
But don't trust Android Studio in everythings because some suggestions is wrong e.g. remove redundant cast
which may cause compile error.

Android Studio Install issue on Windows7.
You need to set path by open .bat in bin folder this will tell you to set path.

Change theme
Ctrl+Alt+S then type apperance on the right I suggest Darcula Theme.

FullScreen Mode
Better use in this mode Ctrl+Alt+F11

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