How to pull/read Android App 's database


  • Pull 
  • Change Permission 
  • Read
  • Problems and Solutions

The program to read SQLite Database Download
To Pull
open cmd
move to adb 's directory then run adb as root then pull
for example

cd D:\Android\android-sdks\platform-tools
adb root

adb pull /data/data/com.example.umitems/databases/umitems.db .

note that   adb pull <source> <destination>

Change File permission and pull

adb shell "run-as chmod 666 /data/data/"

adb pull /data/data/ .

adb shell "run-as chmod 600 /data/data/"

To Read
open cmd
move to adb 's directory 
then run adb as root 
then move to your apps's directory
then use command sqlite3
cd D:\Android\android-sdks\platform-tools
adb shell
cd /data/data/com.example.umitems/databases
sqlite3 HealthAdvisor.db 

This is some useful command.
.help List all commands and options.
.exit Exit the sqlite3 command.
.schema Show the CREATE statements which were used to create the tables of the current database.
.table show tables.

The problems you may found and solutions

Error: Device not found
Try command adb devices
Try to unplug and plug it back
Try to reboot your device
Try to check to driver compatible

Error: Access denied
Need to root your phone
Check in Setting/Developer then grate root access to adb

Android Debug Monitor (DDMS)
DDMS cannot access data/data
DDMS cannot access database

If you have any questions or suggestion please leave the comment below ^^ .


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