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Improve web browsing security

We browses the web sites everyday.
However, most of us didn't know the danger and risk of web browsing! Let's think if some of your accounts have been accessed by other people. What about your credit cards? your passwords?

The internet can collect your information more than you can ever imagine. For example, when you open the web it is possible to collect your location, your OS,your web browser version,your internet provider and the language you use.Furthermore, some website can determine your age, gender,your web browsing history and much more.

Most of web browser (Firefox,Google Chrome) have insecure configurations that allow website collect your private information.
I have two suggestions

[1] Install trusted plugins or extensions for the security reason. These are some of them. (I have been searched and tried it and like it)



NoScript (For Firefox)
Google Chrome no need NoScript because Chrome  has this feature.

For more extensions
15 best google chrome security e…