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Summary newbie errors/solutions on Android Studio

Summary of my newbie errors/solutions on Android Studio
1. After I update Android Studio and change it's home/cache directory the are  errors on make Error:Android Packager: [personal-health-assistant] File (x86)Android_Studio\.AndroidStudioPreview\system\compile-server\personal-health-assistant _4ac1197d\android\intermediate_artifacts\personal-health-assistant \personal-health-assistant.apk.res not found. Try to rebuild project
So I tries all of these rebuild projectrestart Android studioInvalidate cacheSearch stack overflowre-config module and build pathrestart computerTry to create artifactsThe error still occurs.
However, this project still not a gradle based project. The non gradle based projet may not compatible. So I create new project which is gradle based project then I move only java,res,AndroidManifest etc. to this new project.
Now I try to run it again and aapt.exe is crash. After some investigate in stackoverflow I found that aapt.exe may crash by wrong @string references. A…