Eclipse with the dark theme for better(happier) programming

The dark theme help programmers reduce their eye fatigue.


Eclipse ui theme

Daker theme (I use this theme)

Eclipse font color theme

Java Font color RainbowDrops.epf (I use this theme)

Windows 8.1 Stuff

Change the scrollbar width size in Windows 8.1

MoonRise UI Theme

The MoonRise is one of the best dark theme for eclipse.  However, from my experiences this theme bug with windows 8.1. Because  some text still colored in black which is hard to read on the dark background.
  • Install 

    ← Drag this button to your Eclipse workbench to install;
  • Update site:

    Or download this plugin by using Help > Install New Software... and add the update site:

EditBox support: Use newer Nodeclipse EditBox with RainbowDrops.eb included or downloadRainbowDrops.eb (by right-clicking the link and selecting Save link as...), then import it with Eclipse EditBox Plugin.

Java Font color RainbowDrops.epf 

WARNING: Take a backup of your preferences before importing so you can safely restore them if you need (File > Export... then select General > Preferences);
  • RainbowDrops.epf (most accurate and recommended, download by right-clicking the link and selectingSave link as... then import it with Eclipse built-in Preferences import: File > Import... then selectGeneral > Preferences);
NOTE: Syntax highlighting settings and UI theme are separated, you can import your own scheme or customize it in Eclipse Preferences if you like.

Change the scrollbar width size in Windows 8.1
1. windows key + r  type regedit 
2. goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics
3.edit ScrollHeight and ScrollWidth values with the same valuse I suggest to adgust it to -100. 
-100 means a thinner scroll bar
-1000 means a thicker/wider scroll bar.
Now logout windows to apply the change.


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