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Easy way to download whole youtube play list and convert them to mp3

I love to keep my favorite musics on youtube. As the time go on some music has been deleted. So I have to download it and keep it local. But keep it as a video file will waste too much storage so I want to convert to mp3 file. After doing research I found a great solution. just one command to make things done. This app will download every youtube video in the list (and yet it can download a single video) then convert each video to mp3 files.

How to install
Open terminal
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install youtube-dl
youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 --ignore-errors <www.youtubeUrl-or-playlistUrl>

Plugin that help suggest and auto fix security for Android Developer

Nows a day, the phone become much more important. Since it store so many sensitive information e.g. contacts, credit cards, private photo, e-mail, location and payment. It's not gonna be good if the other know how we live or pay or even pay some goods using our credit card.

Developer need to develop the app that secure enough for any users. However, its not easy to build the secure app because the technology always updated. New vulnerable has been discovered every day. Furthermore, developer have limited time to develop an app. 

I found a nice solution its the plugin for Android Studio. DevKnox is a plugin that scan the code and give suggestion for security vulnerable and mostly provides auto-fix. As I have tried this plugin. Its suggestion is great and it come with good explanation on each vulnerable. We can also use code-inspector that come with Android Studio(Analyze/Inspect code) it usually gives fewer security vulnerable suggestion.

Show how DevKnox suggest and provide auto-fix…

How to fix error Could not detect Mac OS X Version from sw_vers output: '10.12 ' from Appium

Hi' Guys. Every software developers know the important  of software quality. We're often implement the test case for software manual test. It's help test bug and find errors of software so it's good but it's take so much time and lose focus on software process development. Besides it's waste money  and time because we has to hire software tester. So the Automated Testing is tool help increase quality software development.        Currently, I'm an android developer. I'm interested in automated testing and I'm using the Appium tool help in software process development at the Playbasis (Thailand) company. I see other user are got a problem same me about error “Could not detect Mac OS X Version from sw_vers output: '10.12 '”.

Oh my God I tired fix this problem several day. T_T

Wow!!! At last I discovered the solution.

First Step :
When you're see error you should read error and copy paste error in terminal.

Command by :
grep -rl "Could…